IT IS URGENT TO BUILD AND HAVE PLAYGROUNDS.  Play in the early years of life has a profound and lasting influence on a child’s health, wellbeing, and long-term development. Studies have shown early play experiences to shape a child’s physical growth, capacity for learning, chances of finishing school, future employability, and even income...

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To play will prepare kids to an ever changing society where their choices will represent the society they will build, and they´re gonna be able to return in many different ways when their skills develop into adulthood.

All of the 5 playgrounds I´ve built where designed fundamentally under integration with the site, use of the local materials as much as possible, saving resources and priorizing benefit for the children by stimulating learning in different areas, also always taking on account the population and it´s age.

Playgrounds demand to be sustainable. For maintenance and for them to be safe on a long term basis, therefore they must be discussed, design and built along with a school community or a neighborhood.

Inclusive design involves the community in many ways: from the kids for the design, teachers organizing alumni and parents who also discuss, volunteer and donate to families cooking something for the opening ceremony.

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